When it comes to the container where we put our office or bedroom waste one usually let’s down their decorating game. Picking out a waste basket is commonly the last task following decorating endeavors, or rather, and after thought. Following your precious time spent brightening up an office space, or your bedroom, how many of […]

          It pains me to say it, but there is such a thing as too much light. You know when you are laying in bed on a Sunday morning trying to get enough sleep to last you the week and the sun starts to peak through your window? It starts shining on your […]

To offer Asian style coffee tables is slightly disingenuous, as coffee has only become popular in Asia over the last 100 years. A “tea table” is a more traditional beverage serving accessory in East Asia but is used interchangeably with the more modern term “coffee table“. In Chinese, Japanese, and various Asian wood working and […]

Humans have woven natural plant fiber into baskets, and later into furniture and accessories, since the stone age. Weaving dried plant materials: dried vines, dried cacti, dried grasses, hemp, and cotton, is one of the world’s oldest arts & crafts, predating pottery. To this day, weaving of dried plants into useful furnishings is one of […]

Pottery is almost as old as mankind. Shards of ancient pottery as old as 4000 B.C.E. have been found on archeological digs on 5 continents. For archeologists, the quality of the pottery an ancient culture produced is a significant sign of the culture’s level of social development. Porcelain First Achieved in Shang Dynasty China The […]

We are excited to introduce a wonderful, beautiful collection of classic Japanese design Geisha figurines, crafted from heavy cast resin with scrimshaw style carving. These designs are based on ancient whale & cow bone carving, in the “netsuke” carving tradition of medieval Japan, the time of the samurai, ninjas & shoguns. Each casting has been […]

Today we enthusiastically announce the addition of a remarkable, beautiful new selection of cast reproductions of the ancient Asian icon, “Happy Buddha”, “Laughing Buddha”, “Fat Buddha”, or “Prosperity Buddha” statues. “Budai” in Chinese, “Hotei” in Japanese, he’s thought of as a guardian of the joy, luck, happiness, & prosperity every household hopes to attract and […]

Tatami mats are a classic East Asian natural floor covering, a decorative element central to ‘washitsu‘, a Japanese tradition or school of interior design. Tatami mats were first introduced into common use in metropolitan Tokyo during the Edo period, the time of the famous Tokugawa shoguns and their shogunate. The spare, simple, serene look of […]