When it comes to ones home or office someone who may not normally be picky might change their attitude, which is completely understandable. For many these are the places that one may spend most of their time, so why not create an atmosphere that you want to be in. A home should be a place […]

Lets talk about about the containers that we typically use to store our beloved jewels, also known as Jewelry boxes. Jewelry boxes have been use through out centuries and with good reason. No one likes to have their precious jewels scattered around like they mean nothing, they are called Jewels for a reason. However, just […]

There is no denying the signs of Spring here in the Northeast. We are finally able to shed our Winter layers and bask in the warm balmy sun. Blossoms are protruding out of the ground and the trees are expanding, pushing new leaves out from their branches.             Cherry Blossoms are bursting open and with […]


At Oriental Furniture we are delighted to announce that we are officially selling Tansu Chests. These chests are truly one of a kind, serving great purpose as well as being aesthetically pleasing. The simplistic wood work in combination with the detail of the metal embellishments is genuinely exquisite. There is more that meets the eye […]


In the last few weeks the great outdoors has gone through many changes. The snow has melted away, and there has been ample amounts of rain, which has powered the growth of new spring foliage. There is a color that has become more prominent and will be staying with us for the upcoming months, that […]

Bamboo is a flowering evergreen perennial from the grass family known as Poaceae. Along with other grasses fro the Poaceae family Bamboo tends to be hollow on the inside and has a wood like texture. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Some species of Bamboo can grow up to 36 […]


There is no denying that creating art is marvelous for one’s brain. For some it is a mediation and for others it is a form of therapy, there is a long list of benefits one gains from art. Art has been used to help relieve stress as well as to boost ones self esteem. Overall […]

When it comes to the container where we put our office or bedroom waste one usually let’s down their decorating game. Picking out a waste basket is commonly the last task following decorating endeavors, or rather, and after thought. Following your precious time spent brightening up an office space, or your bedroom, how many of […]


Today a majority of furniture and household items are made out of materials other than wood. Plastic is one of the most common materials used now days due to it’s convenience. Plastic lasts a long time and it usually calls for less repairs, unlike wood, plus it is commonly cheaper. However, despite the effort companies […]

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Everyone should own a trunk. I am not talking about the trunk of a tree or the trunk of an elephant. I am regarding to the trunk you would most likely find in your parents attic. They have wistfully been branded as the dusty old trunk when really they are highly useful and can even […]