Your Waste Basket Does Not Have To Be Ugly

When it comes to the container where we put our office or bedroom waste one usually let’s down their decorating game. Picking out a waste basket is commonly the last task following decorating endeavors, or rather, and after thought. Following your precious time spent brightening up an office space, or your bedroom, how many of you settle for either the waste basket that was there prior, or one of those small unappealing silver flip top cans? From my personal experience after moving three times over the last four years I seem to always end up with the same wiry waste bin that has gum stuck to the bottom of it from who knows how long ago. I can sincerely say I have no reasoning behind keeping it, and no clue as to why I haven’t thrown it out as of yet. Can anyone relate?

When I first began working for Oriental Furniture I was amazed by the waste bins we have to offer. I quickly came to realize that ones waste bin does not have to be ugly. The wast bins we sell may seem slightly pricier than your typical Target waste bin, however ours are works of art, and they are well made so they will last a long time. Plus they are also relatively on the smaller side which will cause you to empty it more often, preventing any distasteful odors filling the room. It is a win win bin!

So, if you are ready to upgrade your waste bin we promise you won’t regret it. Not only will you be less ashamed of your waste bin, but you will enjoy gazing upon your it as you toss your chip bag in.

Waste Bins

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