Japanese Furniture for the Washitsu Style

This is Part II in a series of posts about the Washitsu design style, click here for Part I.

Shoji Sliding Doors

Sliding shoji doors provide a strong sense of washitsu, particularly, more space and more light. The washi paper shade allows softened, diffused light through the lattice work, that solid walls and doors block out. Also, hinged doors require unusable space for the door to swing. We offer beautifully crafted Japanese style shoji doors in a variety of fine wood finishes, even with Cherry Blossoms or Bamboo Trees printed on the washi paper shades.

Shoji Screen Room Dividers

Shoji room dividers are a wonderful convenience, with so many practical uses; temporarily blocking the view from a window or doorway, hiding a messy area or the bed, and privacy for getting dressed and undressed, as well as an attractive background or alternative headboard. Japanese shoji screens are lightweight, practical accessories that, once you have one, it can be hard to remember how you did without.

We offer Japanese shoji screens in 5 convenient panels widths and in up to 16 colors. We also offer some screens with cherry blossoms or bamboo tree art printed on the shade. We offer one of the widest selections of Japanese style shoji screens in the USA.

Tri- Fold Shiki Futon

Futons are a convenient, healthy, comfortable alternative to traditional western style bedding. We offer authentically crafted Japanese style shiki futon mattresses, that can be conveniently tri-folded and put in a closet or corner to create work or exercise space come morning. They’re comparatively light, so you can take them outside once a week and beat them with a stick in the sunshine as is the Japanese tradition, to rid the bed of dust, dander, and vermin. Many are surprised by the benefit to allergies that practice can impart.

Zaisu Folding Chairs

Our Zaisu tatami chair is a classic Japanese style floor chair, quite popular since the day we introduced it, though we suspect we sell as many to gamers playing X-Box than for meditation on tatami mats. However, the portable fold down design is convenient and comfortable for sitting on a tatami mat while working at a low table on a computer, writing a letter, or reading a book.

Scholar’s Desks & Tansus

We offer a variety of low tables and traditional tansus (dansus) that are beautiful in a tatami room; beautifully grained reproductions of traditional low scholar’s desks for writing or tapping a keyboard, low altar tables, for creating a personal shrine, and tansu cabinets in a variety of designs. Also, comparatively inexpensive refurbished Chinese & Tibetan antiques blend beautifully with rooms with tatami mat floors or with bamboo or sisal rugs and tatami bed configurations.

Read Part III in this series for tips on accenting your home in the Washitsu style.

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