Accent Pieces to Compliment the Washitsu Style

This is Part III in a series of posts about the Washitsu design style, click here for Part I and here for Part II.

Shoji Lanterns

Shoji lanterns cast a lovely, soft, diffused light in any room, great for creating a sense of quiet and calm in the bedroom. We also offer a selection of Japanese style *overhead hanging lamps, with the light switch built into the power cord, creating a particularly practical, portable ceiling light fixture, that you can put almost anywhere that you can screw a hook into the ceiling. Additionally, our shoji wall sconces also make a significant contribution to a sense of quiet washitsu wherever they’re installed.

Washitsu Wall Art

On the wall often hang hand painted art; Japanese or Chinese ink & water color paintings, or artistically rendered calligraphy characters, “sumi-e” in Japanese. Subtle, elegant, hand painted silk wall screens, hand painted scrolls, or hand painted decorative fans. Alternately, carved wall art, including kanji characters or carved Shou symbol (found with our wood or lacquered wall plaques),may be placed to bless the room, and the home.

To decorate the shrine, we offer a wide variety of cast resin statues of Guatama Buddha, the enlightened one, in ancient Japanese, Chinese, Tibetan, Burmese, and Thai art motifs, Quan Yin, and Hotei or Budai, called “Happy Buddha”. We also offer sublimely beautiful Jade carvings, of Buddha and Quan Yin, as well as Jade animals and classic Jade trees.

Vases, Jars, or Bowls in the Washitsu

Fresh flowers and fresh fruit are often placed in the tokonomo, or anywhere in a washitsu. Beautiful oriental porcelains, flower vases, temple jars, and fruit bowls, lacquered or glazed, with cherry blossom or landscape designs, decorate the washitsu. A ficus or rubber tree is sometimes displayed in a traditional oriental fishbowl planter.

Washitsu & Black Cotton Trim

We beautiful, rustic yet refined bamboo and sisal rugs, both with distinctive tatami mat style black cotton trim, for equally beautiful, surprisingly inexpensive, natural style floor coverings. We also offer a selection of woven rush grass furnishings with subtle, beautiful, black cotton trim; tables, stands, chests, baskets, shelf units, even woven floor vases and umbrella stands, true to the washitsu aesthetic.

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  1. Harlan Urwiler Says:

    This section of information about shoji screens interested me. I have admired Japanese shoji screens for some time. They are functional, and yet give a room a certain feeling of privacy without requiring physical wall contruction. The lanterns are also a favorite of mine. Asian decor utilizes space very well… and practically. A room decorated in this way is very serene and peaceful.

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