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Everyone should own a trunk. I am not talking about the trunk of a tree or the trunk of an elephant. I am regarding to the trunk you would most likely find in your parents attic. They have wistfully been branded as the dusty old trunk when really they are highly useful and can even be aesthetically pleasing.Trunks are not only the easiest source of organization, but they also serve for multiple purposes. One could use a trunk as a coffee table, or a bedside table. I am sure one could come up with many different uses for a trunk.

I can easily say one of my most beloved belongings is an old black trunk with my grandmothers initials printed on the side in red ink. I consider it to be an heirloom as well as a nifty piece of furniture. My favorite place to put it is at the end of my bed to give a shabby chic kind of vibe in my bedroom. For a long time I kept my trunk in the back of my car and used it for clothing when I did a great deal of traveling. I am constantly finding new uses for the trunk.

Sadly not everyone has the opportunity of receiving a family heirloom, however, there are many considerable alternatives on our website. No matter what your style is we guarantee that we have a trunk that you will fall in love with. From a vintage-looking pattern, to a slick black leather trunk. Good luck with picking just one!


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