Tansu Chests

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At Oriental Furniture we are delighted to announce that we are officially selling Tansu Chests. These chests are truly one of a kind, serving great purpose as well as being aesthetically pleasing. The simplistic wood work in combination with the detail of the metal embellishments is genuinely exquisite. There is more that meets the eye when looking at these pieces, the decorative trim has intricacies that one may not catch at first. But when properly looked at one will see how magnificent the detail is.

Tansu is the Japanese word for chest, or, a mobile storage unit. These chests have been noted in Japanese history as far back as 1657. Their original use was for storing food and carrying firewood and were use later for storing everything from clothing to documents. It was concluded that at first they were not made from wood, they were most likely constructed of Bamboo. Over time the Tansu chest became a distinct feature of Japanese culture as well as daily life. Soon enough different kinds of wood began to be incorporated into the making of Tansu chests. You could find the chests made from different types of wood such as Elm, Chestnut, Pine, Cedar, Paulownia, and Cypress.

The Edo period which was between 1603 and 1868 when Japan was under the rule of Tokugawa Shogunate, the period was known for being a time of economical growth and strict social order. There were many different types of Tansu chests and they mainly reflected the class and the occupation of the owner rather than the regionally inspired originality. Post Meiji restoration which was the revolution, and with the dissolution of the harsh class structure, the regional characteristics of Tansu chests were able to flourish. The various types of chest began to spread through the classes and no one was shunned for which one they had.

A Tansu chest is a charming focal point that also offers ample storage space, as well as surface area. These chests are optimal for any home that is seeking to be revived with contemporary oriental furnishings. They are so elegant that you only need a few things to complete the vignette. We hope you enjoy our Tansu chests as much as we do.

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