Father’s Days Gifts That Dad Will Remember

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Father’s day is always the third Sunday in June, and it’s not always easy to come up with a great gift for Dad, year after year. For Father’s day , consider an interesting, unique gift, to help make his bedroom, home office, or work place, his own. A unique statue, a distinctive piece of wall art, or a practical piece of furniure or décor, may make your father’s day present stand out from years past- in a good way. In this post we suggest a number of gifts with masculine appeal, for Dad’s dresser top, desk top, or work space.

Desk Gongs & Wind Chimes for Unique Father’s Day Gifts

In the Far East, some believe that the world is actually composed of solidified sound. Also, that certain sounds have a positive, life affirming effect wherever the sounds resonate. We offer a wide selection of affordable, beautiful small gongs, wind chimes, and bell hangers great for home, office, or place of business. To relieve the stress and strain of the day, the sound of an attractive desk gong or wind chime was believed to help revive and refresh the head of the household.

Unique DVD / CD Cases for the Home Office or Business

For the Dad who has collections of CDs or DVDs, consider one of our unique Asian design media racks for a particularly practical father’s day gift idea. To organize computer game discs, computer program discs, music and movies discs, we offer wide variety of unique CD and DVD racks and cases that provide an interesting Asian style or rustic decorative impact. Rather than plastic, these solid wood and bamboo designs may appeal to the Father who appreciates the texture and beauty of natural materials.

Buddha Statues for a Memorable Father’s Day Present

Whether Buddhist or not, regardless if one knows Buddhist philosophy, statues of the Buddha can add a feeling of serenity and reflection to a father’s desk top or dresser. Ancient Buddhist art traditions, the specific geometric relationships and aesthetic conventions, were developed to help the viewer experience a moment of peace and inner calm, no matter which religion or beliefs the viewer held. Available in 12 different sizes and designs.

Happy Buddha Statues Make a Fun Father’s Day Gift

Also a unique gift idea for ol’ Dad, a statue of Budai, or, in Japanese language, Hotei, often called the “The Laughing Buddha”. These are statues of a tenth century Zen Buddhist monk, a substantial gentlemen with a bald head, amazingly long earlobes, a big belly, and a bigger smile. Expect a big smile on Father’s day when he sees his Happy Buddha statue. In the Far East, a statue of Hotei (or Budai in Chinese) was thought to attract prosperity and plenty to the home, office, or place of business. Available in 10 different designs.

Tang Horse Statues Symbolize Male Vitality

In ancient Asia, “Yin” was the word for the female principal of nature, and “yang” the world for the male principal. The horse, of all animals, was a symbol of strong, vital male energy, yang. A statue or figure of a “Tang horse” was a traditional gift for any revered male relative. In photographs of the office or work area of famous men, it’s not unusual to see a statue of a Tang horse. Available in Jade, ceramic, or cast resin, a memorable father’s day gift and an appealingly masculine decor accessory.

Xian Tomb Warrior Statue for Dad’s Dresser, Desk Top, or Credenza

Discovered in 1974, near the city of Xian in mainland China, in the tomb of the first emperor of Qin, archeologists discovered a massive army of hundreds of life size terra cotta ceramic warriors. The detail of the each is extraordinary, and now small reproductions of those warriors are crafted from both ceramic and resin castings. For the man of the house, a Xian warrior statue provides a masculine element to the art and décor of his bedroom or study. Available in either terra cotta or cast resin.

Dragon Statue for a Special Father’s Day Gift

In ancient Asia, the Dragon was a symbol of the mysterious power of Nature, and it was the exclusive right of the Emperor of Qin to use it’s image. However, statues of dragon, made from Jade, Bronze, Brass or cast resin, were thought to attract strength and health to one’s household, sleeping quarters, office, or business. We offer an attractive selection of dragon statues, uniquely attractive gifts for your dear father on his special day.

Foo Dog Book Ends for Father’s Day

Foo dogs or Fu lion statues were considered good luck for a home or business, as they were guardians of heaven in Taoist mythology. Always crafted in pairs, one is female, a “yin” Foo dog, the other is “yang”, a male Foo dog. In an office or library, a pair of carved or cast Fu dog statues are often used as unique book ends, to provide an interesting and exotic decorative appeal. We offer distinctive pairs of Foo dog book ends in carved marble, solid Jade, cast resin, and cast Shou Shan stone.

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