The Significance of Cherry Blossoms

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There is no denying the signs of Spring here in the Northeast. We are finally able to shed our Winter layers and bask in the warm balmy sun. Blossoms are protruding out of the ground and the trees are expanding, pushing new leaves out from their branches.

            Cherry Blossoms are bursting open and with that we feel the full power of Spring. The blossoms are filling the air with a light, sweet scent and the landscape is being swiftly dusted with a pink hue. For me, Cherry Blossoms invoke a feeling of warm breezes that washes away all of the coldness that built up in our bodies and homes over the course of the winter. I feel revitalized and eager to spend my time outside in the flowering beauty.

            Not only are Cherry Blossoms easy on the eyes and nose, but they hold quite a lot of symbolism. Cherry Blossoms go back hundreds of years in the Japanese culture. They represent more than just a beautiful fragile flower. In Japanese culture  Cherry Blossoms represent a form of beauty that is life itself. They see the fragility in the flower and it reminds them that life is precious, and short. The delicate blossoms inspire one to take a minute in the day to stop and look at what is growing around you and recognize the beauty those small buds hold. Before we know it, it will be summer, then fall, and soon after that the snow will cover the landscape. If Winter is especially hard for you, don’t fret, we offer exquisite pieces adorned in Cherry Blossoms that will make Spring last all year long right in your very own home.


Cherry Blossoms

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